Ash.TV Updates October 2017

Ash.TV aspire to get the best results for you; this is why we have decided to up the minimum budget to £30 a day. One reason why we have chosen this is that campaigns which were on less than this a day didn’t do as well, and with a bigger budget you can achieve better results.

Small campaigns, (less than £30 a day), where spending their daily budget within a few hours. With the campaign only running for that short period of a day meant they would get very little/no conversions at all, which wouldn’t give them the best results. A £30 budget would last longer, but not all day, unless you wanted it to.

If you wanted it to last all day, then on your campaign settings you can change your spend strategy. There are two options here; you can choose ‘linear’ or ‘accelerated’. For it to last all day/most of the day, you need to select ‘linear’, which means your budget will be spread throughout the day, meaning it will last longer. If you selected ‘accelerated’, then your budget will be spent as fast as it can be, bear in mind that this could result in your results not being as efficient.

On average, currently a £5 campaign would be getting these results:

Conversions: 0

Clicks: 5

Views: 125

Where as a current £30 campaign would be getting these results, on average:

Conversions: 2

Clicks: 100

Views: 1200

This shows that the bigger the budget, the better the results will be.